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  • Aurora Flores

Silent Procession Nyc4Pr

Close to one year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the Island remains in crisis owing to the lack of resources and empathy from its U.S. colonizer. It took more than six months for the death count to come even close to reality. Schools have closed. More than 100,000 left the Island. Many areas remain in the dark without electricity. Disease is climbing and the Island's debt continues in debate. A Silent Procession through the streets of New York will once again focus the nation's attention on this callous and craven neglect of U.S. Citizens. This year's event falls on the anniversary of one of the island's largest insurrections, "El Grito de Lares" uprising. Organizers, youth, seniors, clergy, and participants will dress in white as a symbol of hope bearing banners blasting "Memoriam for Lives Lost, USA Citizens, Surviving Trauma and Rebuilding Puerto Rico" and "Exempt P.R. from the Jones Act," as we walk 2.5 miles in unity, as one, in silence. Procession will remain in peace on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue for approximately 15 minutes before dispersing. Puerto Rico & California join in solidarity with a Silent Procession on the same day at the same time in the town of Mayagüez, on the Island of Vieques and in the City of Los Angeles.

Last year's event was highlighted over the Daily News, WNYC, Fox News, Univision, Telemundo, NY1 News, NY1 Noticias, Manhattan Times, WBAI, PBS, and over social media.

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