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What we do


Whether it's product placement, a health seminar a street renaming or a political presentation Aurora Communications can make the most of your event sponsorship or production. From promoting the biggest Piña Colada in the world during Harlem Week for Goya Foods, Inc. or managing McDonald's Gospel Fest at MSG, we bring your story to the big stage.

Through the Barrio Cultural Zone

From the Gorilla Gallery to the Grafitti Hall of Fame Spanish Harlem's many murals, mosaics and museums bring this Latino stronghold into vivid life through the neighborhood's gardens, parks, stores, subways, and eateries. Try a refreshing "icie" piragua from a local street vendor, sizzling tacos from the local taqueria or crunchy cuchifritos from the lechonera on 116th & Lex. Walk the mean streets across 110th to where the King of Latin Music Tito Puente was born, past Hellgate's post office on the corner of the "Devil's Pharmacy."


Whether it's an Artcrawl you're interested in, a salsa walking tour or a rich cultural journey through an immigrant enclave branded one hundred years ago by Puerto Rican music, poetry, theater, art, and song our community walking tour is a memorable experience into one of New York's best-kept secrets. 


Ask about our diversity workshops or Spanish Harlem tours.






We strategize and create campaigns, events & promotions through multi-platform paid and unpaid media. Because we know the inside of a newsroom intimately, and New York media outlets are launch pads for national and international press, we are experts at pitching, booking and getting your story onto your neighgorhood's block and over national media networks.

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Whether creating new visibility, repositioning corporate images or increasing a company’s sales, Aurora Communications:

• Consults on strategies, plans and company programs

• Designs marketing and advertising campaigns directed at multicultural consumers

• Coordinates sales promotion programs and print & broadcast advertising.

Social media is proven to Increase site traffic, visibility, drive readers to pages, and signficantly increase external site links important to the search ranking results of any company, brand or cause.


Through civic education & participation we bring stakeholders, influencers and community to the table. We design and implemente crisis communications, issues management and community relations programs in both general and multi-cultural markets. We design and guide plans through public process, conduct editorial board meetings, write position papers, opinion pieces, statements and letters to the editors.


We produce media-friendly press materials, EPKs, Eblasts, as well as award-winning concerts and lecture/demonstrations on Latino music and culture.


We had the late Tito Puente make Sesame Street's Grouch dance. We introduced Rosita, the blue cave monster to the Muppet familia and we write songs for Dora, the Explorer.


As consultants on Latino issues and content for films and television productions we've brought original music to Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle, BET's Pasos Latinos and Univision's Grammy Awards. We publicized, promoted and booked artists over television programs for the Apollo Theater's sold-out tribute presentation to Celia Cruz.


In a partnership with PBS' America Reframed, we debuted the story of boogaloo, "We Like It Like That" in East Harlem with a public viewing in La Marqueta in the heart of the community. New York City's Council Speaker bestowed proclamations on boogaloo pioneers Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon and Harvey Averne while streaming the event.

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